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Commercial Fleet Managment

Commercial Truck, Agricultural & Plant Services

Truck & Commercial Fleet Management

Whether in our depot, at your site or a roadside emergency, we have the tools to deliver a safer, quality and competitive service.  Our mobile service vehicles are individually tailored for specific roles to cope with the departments demanding duties.  We have the capability to service most tyre needs away from the depot within acceptable timescales.  All our technicians are qualified or closely supervised whilst gaining qualification.  Specialised roadside training is undertaken to ensure all round safety.

Truck & Van fleets from 1 to 500+

Maintenance is key as we aim to help you get the best from your valuable tyre asset.  An important part of fleet tyre management is inspection and monitoring.  We have a structured plan of timed fleet Inspections each tailored to maximise vehicle availability.

Electronic Fleet inspection reports listing defects, service recommendation and rectification information are supplied via email or fax.

Whilst always considering safety, but using common sense, we will always aim to repair before replace.  For damage too severe for our standard repair, we would assess the viability for a Factory Major Repair, this is a weekly send away service.

For more information on our fleet services please use our contact us page or call Simon on 07718540418 between 08:00 & 17:30 Monday to Friday.


If you are looking at this page you will already know the demands put upon agricultural tyres and the importance of quality seasonal services to keep the farm duties flowing.

We have the expertise to supply service and repair 99% of agricultural tyre needs from our depot, at the farm or, with a bit of help from the faithful yard tractor and some good rope, in the middle of a half ploughed field.  We use a multitude of agricultural tyre suppliers and can offer technical advice on specifications and capabilities.  If you are, like so many farm folk, multi skilled, we are happy to provide a wholesale, supply only service for tyres, tools and consumable along with some advice to compliment.


Although we supply a good number of plant tyres the majority of our plant duties are repair work.  We have the ability to service your plant tyre needs at our depot, in your yard, on site or roadside.  Repairs are carried out to a high standard using quality materials correct for the construction type of the tyre.  We aim to maintain the tubeless status of tyres where possible as their repair is quicker and cheaper. We have an impressive stock of inner tubes when this is not possible.  A factory major repair service is offered for heavier damage.   We use a multitude of plant tyre suppliers and can offer technical advice on specifications and capabilities.

“I am appalled at the high number of poor, bodge up type, repairs I come across when repairing plant tyres, usually when the machine is hired.  It is often the case that a hirer is paying to put right a bad or temporary tyre repair from a previous hire.  I then have the dilemma of whether to repair to correct standard or temporarily to keep costs down, a call to the bill payer is made and the length of hire is usually the key to making a decision”

Quote from Simon Rees – General Manager

Please phone Simon Rees on 01626 368945 or 07718 540418

Please note: £90 call out is charged for any work out of hours.  

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